Platform for DNA- or RNA-Fusion Sequences

GeneWerk GmbH provides highly sensitive platforms and bioinformatics to determine fusion sequences adjacent to known DNA or RNA fragments in minimal tissue samples down to the single cell level.

Applications include clonality and safety of (viral) vectors in gene therapy, on-target specificity of designer nucleases, immune repertoire studies in T cells and B cells and next generation sequencing (NGS).

GeneWerk’s unique worldwide experience in gene therapy studies, bioinformatics, NGS, and associated regulatory demands can help to build the solutions you need by individual consultation.

Vector Safety

The application of viral vectors in gene therapy is rapidly developing and the therapeutic results are highly promising. Actively and passively integrating ...

Immune Repertoire Analyses

T cell ability to recognize foreign antigens relies on the high variety of T cell receptors (TCR), heterodimeric αβ or γδ glycoproteins. Each glycoprotein chain ...

AAV Vector Quality Control

Accurate quantification of nucleotide acid impurities in clinical and pre-clinical rAAV preparations ...

(Off)-target analyses in gene editing

Genome editing is based on designer nucleases (Zinc Finger Nucleases, ZFN; Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nuclease, TALEN; Clustered Regularly Interspaced ...

Bioinformatics, NGS

Performance and development of NGS based bioinformatical analysis, e.g. integration sites, T cell and B cell receptors, genome editing. GeneWerk further ...

A human iPS cell model for gene therapy vector safety evaluation

We are glad to present and further enhance the achievements of our team work in frame of CRACK IT Challenge 21 and offer our InGeTOX modular services to customers and partners from science and industries.